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The Characteristics of LED illumination

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Fifty years ago,the huminality had already known the basic knowledge of semiconductor material

can produce light,The first commercial diode produced in 1960.LED is short for light emitting

diode(LED),its basic structure is an electroluminescent semiconductor material

,placed on the a stand with down-lead,and then sealed with epoxy resin around in order to protect internal batteries,so the aseismatic capability of LED is good。The advantages of LED illumination

1.Security:LED is supplied by low-voltage power,so it is safer than supplied by high voltage

power,it is particularly applicable to public.

2.Economy:compared with the incandescence lamp the energy consumption reduces 80%

3.Applicability:convenient apply,each unit of LED snippet is 3-5mm square,it can be prepared

into various shaped devices,and suitable for the inconstant environment.

4.Stability:it can work 100000 hours,the light decay is 50 percent of the initial.

5.Response time:fincandescence lamps base on millisecond,the LED base on nanosecond.

6. Environment protection:no harmful metal mercury.

7.Color:changing the electric can change the color,the light_emitting diode easily adjust the energy band structure and the band gap through chemical modification,adjustment of the energy band structure and the band gap and achieve multicolor luminescence.For example,withsmall current at the LED is red,but with the current increase,it will turn into orange,yellow.and green finally.

8.Lifespan:the expectancy of LED is more than incandescence lamp,it is more than ten times

as an ordinary incandescence lamp.



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